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Who we are

CEDREGSA is a remanufacturer of automotive spare parts since 1965, we have specialized in the remanufacturing of steering parts and components, steering pumps, steering boxes, CV axles, suspension spheres, clutch kits, clutch mechanisms, clutch discs, DMF flywheels.

A pioneer in remanufacturing automotive and industrial vehicle parts, has the latest technology and quality guaranteed by ISO 9001:2008. With an area of ​​5000 square meters, we anticipate the coming changes where recycling will revolutionize the automotive world.

As we are committed to offering our customers the most modern reconstruction technique, we have acquired the most advanced testing machines on the market. We are confident that they can further ensure the quality of our work, which will benefit everyone.

In constant evolution, we develop and incorporate new products to give fuller coverage to market demands, providing the value and security that our customers need.

Mission: remanufacture car parts that are a better alternative in quality / price than the new original spare part.

Vision: We want to be a company that constantly provides, our customers reliability, range and best price.

The biggest range for all brands and car models:

Remanufactured manual racks, powersteering racks, EPS, and steering boxes.
Remanufactured steering pumps, electric and electronic (EHPS) pumps.
Tripode and CV joint axles.
Suspension spheres for all the Citroën range.
Clutch kits, covers, discs and reléase bearings.
Dual mass flywheel


1969: Founded in a small warehouse in Mediterranean Avenue in Madrid. First start in the business of CV axles remanufacturing.
1973: The company moves to Arganda del Rey, acquiring the warehouses in numbers I-III of Estaño street with the name of COMPAÑÍA ESPAÑOLA DE REPUESTO EN GENERAL, S.A.
1980: First start in the clutch parts remanufacturing activity.
1985: Acquiring a machine to check suspension spheres, the first steps in the remanufacturing of spheres were taken.
1989: First steps into steering racks remanufacturing.
1990: The first machines for CV joints remanufacturing were developed.
1993: Acquires a new facility in number 5 of Estaño Street, increasing the working área.
1995: Continuing to expand buying another warehouse in number 7 of Estaño street, where the machining department was installed with CNC lathe machine, CNC milling. The steering department acquired three BENDIX testbenchs.
1999: Opening of the Madrid branch.
2000: The Company acquires another warehouse in number 2 of Estaño Street. With a total of 5.000 square meters the restructuring of all the departments gets started.
2001: Gets the ISO 9002 quality certificate.
2002: New testbenchs were acquired  to verify power steering and steering boxes.
2008: Gets the ISO 9008 quality certificate.

2010: Develops a new product line: DMF remanufacturing.

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